February 3th Order Delay Notification

Shipment Delayed Due to Large Arrival of New Season Seeds in Stock

Dear valued customers,

We regret to inform you that orders placed from February 3th will experience a shipping delay, extending approximately 7 business days. Normal operations are expected to resume by February 14th. As a sincere apology, the following measures will be implemented for orders placed after February 3th:

  1. Each package will include an additional complimentary packet of seeds (any variety from your shopping list).
  2. Each order will receive two free wooden plant labels.

Due to the annual warehouse crunch, our operations team is gearing up to support the frontline. Many of you, who've been with us for three years, might wonder why this happens every year. Let me explain. We're a small company that transformed from a farm, and we don't rush to hire more staff. Each team member is like family, sharing the same goals, hobbies, and dreams. While we may not be the fastest, we're the most cohesive and loving team, striving to bring you high-quality seeds with a great germination rate.

Unlike some scam companies, we won't sell seeds that don't even exist. Our online fan base is approaching 2 million, and that's something we're proud of.

Now, let's talk about the work. We've prepared extensively for the spring of our 24th year, expanding our cold storage from 5000 to 10000 square feet. As I write this, we're unloading, packaging, and shelving 2-3 tons of goods daily, a repetitive task taking almost 20 days. We're also exploring and experimenting with new seeds.

Regarding old seeds: We test germination rates by batches and destroy those that don't meet standards.

So, my time is pretty much all spent in the warehouse. I hope I don't catch a cold. Thanks a lot for reading my lengthy message. Please understand, and if you urgently need seeds, pay attention to our updates. We'll mention it at the end of every email. Thanks again!

Best regards,

The Plant Lover.