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I really love this hollyhock. It has beautiful peachy, bubbly blooms. They actually became a really intense pink as the summer has gotten hotter. I would plant this hollyhock again.

Oliphant Jojo

I did it👍


This year, I bought some more, and these are seeds I planted two years ago. You wouldn't believe how much effort I put into achieving this. Perennial plants indeed grow larger and stronger over the years. So, any perennial seeds that survive the first year will thrive in the following years. The flowers also become larger and more beautiful. I'm very skilled at doing these things.


This was our 1st year at trying a wild flower Meadow. We prepped the area last fall and broadcast the seed after 2 light frosts (Even though I was skeptical of broadcasting in the fall.) When early Spring came and I saw hundreds of seedlings coming up I prepped a whole other area this Spring. Unfortunately that did not turn out as well as the fall prepped area. Fall is definitely the way to go. That being said I am absolutely thrilled with how our meadow turned out the 1st year. I had read somewhere that it can take up to 3 years to get it looking good and ours looks fantastic the 1st year.


I love nasturtiums! I used to grow them in college. When the pandemic hit and lockdown ensued, I decided to pick up gardening again. So I did my research and saw this listing and decided to purchase the nasturtium seed packet. They take any kind of soil but loamy or not so great soil works best if you want a bunch of flowers. I managed to grow 2 nasturtiums from the seeds which have produced roughly 10 flowers already. The flowers and leaves have a nice kick as far as taste goes and they remind me of cayenne and black pepper blended together. I plan on growing more so I can start adding more flowers to salad, cookies and more dishes. Overall, I am satisfied with this product and will buy from this vendor in the future!


Two pots, on the other hand, fell victim to insects and only one survived.


It took a couple years but these flowers are beautiful. Had to start them indoors, plant the little sprouts in spring and then wait a full year for them to bloom, but totally worth the wait. And there are more flowers every time they bloom.

Telma liboy

I love Cockscomb. This is not a good picture because I planted them to deep. Each of the blooms can be dried and then you will have more seeds. Super easy to grow.

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I have grown beautiful plants from these seeds in full sun. I did plant some seeds in part shade and they did come up but not nearly as large or as many flowers. I have purchased more seeds for next year.